Tristan Guttridge is a behavioral ecologist and wildlife presenter. His fascination with animal behavior is reflected in his research which has focused on group living and cognition, mainly working with sharks. Articles published in prestigious journals, such as Animal Behavior confirm that this passion has translated into important results. More recently, Tristan has enjoyed the challenge of working with one of the earth's most enigmatic and highly mobile predators the great hammerhead shark. His research has revealed an important overwintering hotspot in the Bahamas and attracted global media attention. Tristan's research (in collaboration with Bimini Sharklab) was featured as a special 'Hammerhead Invasion' on the first night of Discovery Shark Week 2017. He advised and presented on the Michael Phelps Shark Week Specials, filming in the Bahamas and South Africa. 

Tristan has a rare ability to make science entertaining yet informative, and wants to use these skills and his extensive field experience to create a brand of wildlife film-making that integrates tools from science and cinema to showcase animal behaviour. He believes this form of communication can reveal important scientific insights into animal behaviour, as well as generate interest and momentum for managing and conserving wildlife. 

Photography courtesy of Annie Guttridge